Neumonia And Other Sketch Stories

ABOUT Dhimant Parekh

Dhimant Parekh
Dhimant Parekh lives in Bangalore, India and writing is one of his passions. He is also an active blogger and runs the popular website His other interests include theatre (has acted in over 10 plays) and reading.

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“Neumonia and Other Sketch Stories” is a collection of sketch stories, that is bound to enthrall readers of all age groups.

A sketch story is slightly different from the genre of short stories. The difference lies in the idea that a sketch story delves more on the characters and perhaps lesser on the plot.

Comprising of highly-nuanced and larger-than-life characters, these stories capture a moment in their lives and bring out a whole new perspective to everyday events. Whether they delight or surprise, they are sure to make the reader stop and think as each story is a rare treat.
An excellent first compilation of stories from Dhimant. I got a chance to read the early release copy and was pretty impressed. He weaves the plots well and although they are extremely short, they are compelling and draw you into the characters quickly. Looking forward to the next book from Dhimant. Two thumbs up.

-Mukund Mohan