Shadow of the King

General Fiction

By Helen Hollick

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Helen Hollick

Helen Hollick
Helen Hollick lives in northeast London on the edge of Epping Forest with her husband, adult daughter, and a variety of pets, which include several horses, a cat and a dog. She has two major interests: Roman/Saxon Britain and the Golden Age of Piracy – the early eighteenth century. Her p More...



Britain is at peace but Arthur, the Pendragon, is missing the clash of swords and the battlefield.

Sidonius lures the Pendragon to Brittany on a fool's errand, leaving his country in the inept hands of – Ambrosius.

Ambrosius craves the old, disciplined and organised ways of Rome. He cannot accept the new, young kingdom or the physical disability of his son – Cadwy.

Cadwy, desperate to find love and pride from his father, seeks solace with the Queen, Gwenhwyfar, but is to meet his death from – Cerdic.

Cerdic, the son of Winfred and Arthur, brought up to be vindictive and cruel, will stop at nothing to get the kingdom he believes is his; but there is another son – Medraut.

Medraut, born of the Pendragon's mistress, must choose which path of fate to follow. His mother's, his own, or the Pendragon's?

When Arthur is presumed dead the vultures descend, vying for the throne and he power it represents. But Gwenhwyfar refuses to accept he has gone. Her heart, her very soul, belongs to Arthur – the Pendragon, the King.

"If only all historical fiction could be this good."

-Historical Novels Review

"I am so completely and thoroughly obsessed with this author right now. This trilogy is just beautiful. I love how the author turns King Arthur into a man and then the King of legend. The amount of research Ms. Hollick must have done is astounding because the detail in this book is wonderful."

"Hollick’s writing is one of the best I’ve come across – her descriptions are so vivid it seems as if there’s a movie screen in front of you, playing out the scenes."

"Uniquely compelling… bound to have a lasting and resounding impact on Arthurian literature."

-Books Magazine

"Helen Hollick is an author who is conquering the world one country at a time with her intricate way of bringing the past to life."

-Suite 101 Romance