Skins (animal stories)

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Jess C Scott
I write edgy/contemporary novels, and am an author + artist + general non-conformist ;)

My first two books (EyeLeash: A Blog Novel, and 4:Play) are multiple-genre-crossing. I enjoy including psychological and emotional elements in my work, as I believe this adds a level of depth More...




A 5000-word mini collection for animal lovers. Jess will work at developing more stories with the subject of "animal rights" in mind.

Includes Savion (of a young hunter coming face to face with a prized red stag), Hachiko (based on the true story of a dog's loyalty), and Skins (featuring "Laer," the dark elf from Jess's Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy).

GENRE: Flash Fiction | 5,000 words

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I was recently inspired to write a short story on animal rights, due to a particularly grotesque photo of crocodile-skinned chairs in the November 2011 USA edition of Harper's Bazaar (the photo is included in the last story, Skins).

Killing animals to make a fashion statement = a sickening + cold-blooded vanity.

"Highlights amongst the short stories are Savion, which came with the disclaimer that it was for animal lovers and being just that the disclaimer was dead on. This tale gives the reader an enjoyable trip into the psyche of the woodland critters as a hunter sets his scope. As a result I will forever declare that Savion is very dear to me."
-- Dan Schwartz |

"[Jess's] writing is very well edited. And she's a very
thought-provoking writer."
-- email from a reader | Oct 2011