American Zen

General Fiction

By Robert Crawford

Publisher : Amazon Kindle

American Zen

ABOUT Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford
Aspiring thriller novelist, published poet/satirist, liberal political blogger who lives in central Massachusetts with a great gal and a surly cat.



When political journalist Mike Flannigan gets an email from his long-lost friend Jo Jo asking to get the guys together, he goes mainly to get away from it all. "The guys" are Mike's other band mates from 1978, when their hard rock group, The Immortals, abruptly broke up when their front man Dave got himself signed. Now, three decades later, Mike is virtually the only political journalist not writing about the incoming Obama administration as he reluctantly goes on the road as per his friend's wishes. But their reluctant road trip becomes much more than Mike bargains for when the men learn why and how their band really split up and learn what's happened to them over the last 30 years. They also also get an indelible lesson of the value of life, love and friendship.

American Zen is a work of fiction but some characters, incidents and even snatches of dialogue from my young adulthood are incorporated into my novel. It's a confessional novel on several different levels and is the easiest and most atypical one I've ever written. AZ's first draft took only 120 days and is by far the best thing I've ever written.