Time and disPLACEment

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Matthew Underwood

Publisher : Matthew Underwood

ABOUT Matthew Underwood

Matthew Underwood
I am a new science fiction author with an active imagination. My first book focuses on time travel (Time and disPLACEment).

My second novel (Glimpse) features a man whose dreams foretell future events, a gift that he is thrust into using to save hundreds of lives in the centre  More...


In Time and disPLACEment, a new novel by Matthew Underwood, we join the adventures of two time travellers, whove lives get turned upside down by events beyond their control.

Greed is the driving force of the local criminal element and law enforcing inspector who find themselves squabbling over the time machine, only for it to slip through their fingers, more than once.

Only the cunning abilities of Carl Vincent and Graham Howard, with their two new friends, will outsmart the combined forces that want the machine for themselves.

I've always enjoyed science fiction and watching films like Back to the Future and programmes like Doctor Who inspired me to finally put pen to paper. I have a lot of ideas for stories and just never got around to writing. But, when I had an image in my mind of a man appearing in the middle of a room in a capsule of fiery light, hardly knowing himself what has just happened, I knew that my first novel was brewing in my thoughts. I wrote the first six chapters. Then, bizarrely, while actually trying to back up my work, I lost it. It was actually unrecoverable. I then resolved to re-write those chapters, which I did as best as I could (and possibly improved upon the original). I then carried on writing with a renewed zeal and urgency. No way was I going to lose my work again (how I managed to lose it is a mystery, because I am not a technophobe). My book was then finished, edited, proofed and published. It is available at various retailers in paperback (such as amazon) and is also available from the ibookstore and on amazon's kindle (+ other readers). I am working on my next book for an early 2012 release!