When Farts Had Colors

Children's Books

By Mark Lawton Thomas

Publisher : Peak CIty Publishing

ABOUT Mark Lawton Thomas

Mark Lawton Thomas
Mark Lawton Thomas was born in Savannah , Georgia.  After graduating from the University of Georgia, Mr. Thomas worked as a copy writer for various advertising agencies first in Atlanta, and then in Manhattan. Eventually, he returned to the South and began writing a weekly column for Crea More...


When Farts Had Colors is the story of 4th grader Lance Chance who hates Mondays. This particular Monday Lance's mom coaxes Lance to school with his favorite sandwiches and a 'wish-kiss'. On his way to school Lance is tormented by "the biggest, meanest 4th grader ever to stalk the halls of Alfonso Orr Elementary School. Merry Maddox. Bully Extraordinaire...…”A "legend" and her posse of mayhem, the Crazy M&Ms.

If having to hand over his sandwiches and perform a certain humiliating act wasn't enough, Lance gets blamed by Merry Maddox for letting out a fart so horrible it forces the entire school to evacuate. Lance runs away from school and wishes that farts had colors. "Then everyone would have known it was Merry Maddox who sent out those heat seeking missiles of doom and destruction," thinks Lance.

And just like that, Lance's wish comes true.

Will Lance come up with a plan to expose Merry Maddox and reveal her true colors?