The Seventh Island

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Gregory Stenson

Publisher : Gregory Stenson

ABOUT Gregory Stenson

Gregory Stenson
After working around the world for many years I have decided to write full time and put my recent experiences from living in the Caribbean for 4 years on paper. I had quite an eventful time there and have enough material for two books. 
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Life on a Caribbean island was near perfect for american Brad Stone until one day he answered a call from a beautiful woman. The encounter brought him face to face with terror, death taunts and a voodoo curse. How could he stop the evil that controlled his life? A murder, a kidnap and a race against time stretched his sanity and endurance to the very limit, to find The Seventh Island.


I just had to write this book for others to read about my life in the Caribbean. Several chapters are written exactly as they happened to me and the daily terror and dangers are real ! When you've bought and read the book you can email me and I'll tell you which chapters are real - I hope you enjoy reading THE SEVENTH ISLAND - Gregory Stenson