Romance, General Fiction

By Oliver Frances

Publisher : The Little French

ABOUT Oliver Frances

Oliver Frances
        Oliver Frances writes romance and mystery; also his work focuses on social issues.

His short stories have been praised by fervent readers around the world, and some were published in Istanbul Literary Review.

Frances has travelled to many countries an More...



Souls is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.

It features "Soul Mates", a soul that incarnates the body of a gorgeous woman and whose mission is to find love, but living in and dealing with a material and ironic world make her detour the path to the goal -by which the soul comes to life.

"Nigel", an orphan child who always dreams of having a different life from his own and who can’t notice the blessings around nor appreciate the message of the beings of light given to him in his dreams. So he grows up indifferent to life until fate unfolds tragically to him.

And "Heartless", a young scientist's wish to create beautiful people, especially women to have one as his partner, but unfortunately in the whole process of creation he forgets the vital element for a soul that it is a heart.               

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