Invisible Enemies Book One of the Invisibile Enemies Series

ABOUT Lynda Brown

Lynda Brown
Lynda D. Brown lives in St. Louis MO. She has one son and a three year old grandson, who enjoys beating her in pool, baseball and Wii games. This is her second book in the Invisible Enemies Series, a fictional tale about spiritual warfare.  



Inspired by the Book of Job, Invisible Enemies reminds us that no matter what life throws our way, God is still in control!
When God chooses Abby Harris as a pawn in his wager against Satan, poor Abby's life is turned upside down. Banned from her beloved church, Abby's hanging out with a new crew, drinking and getting high. When she runs into her sister's ex-boyfriend, they begin dating and soon she's pregnant and marries Randy Nelson.When the marriage turns sour, due to Randy's infidelities,Abby's heart grows cold. By chance, she runs into a music producer who hears her singing,and overnight she becomes an R&B sensation. Abby plots to take her twins and leave her husband. When Randy finds out, he teams up with his ex,Candace, Abby's vengeful sister, to destroy her.

From the age of sixteen, I dabbled heavily in the occult. Creating birth charts, reading Tarot cards, etc... A co-worker overheard me talking about doing a reading so she purchased Rebecca Brown's He Came to set the Captives Free and Ida and Frank Hammond's Pigs in the Parlor. After reading both books, my tarot cards went right into the trash. The Lord led me to write a fiction story about spiritual warfare.

A Realistic Portrayal Of The Trials And Tribulations We Must All Endure, September 30, 2010
This review is from: Invisible Enemies (Paperback)
Abby has a voice touched by God - and the devil knows it. So, after she's banned from her beloved church and deprived of the chance to share her God-given gift with the world, her life takes a dark turn as she begins a long, slow descent into the depths of misery and despair. While at her lowest point, she begins a whirlwind romance with her sister's ex-boyfriend, Randy, who eventually impregnates her, leading to the two of them getting married; however, Randy's repeated infidelities, coupled with the breakthrough opportunity for her to launch a long-awaited singing career, prompt Abby to leave her married life behind in the pursuit of her dreams...little does she know, though, the enemy will do anything in his power to prevent those dreams from coming true - even if it means leading her own flesh and blood to plot her demise...