Thin Time

ABOUT Carole Anne Carr

Carole Anne Carr
Worked as a teenager in a bank in Zimbabwe, then returning to England to become deputy head of a primary school. After early retirement, worked as an actress, then set up my own art and craft business, trained for three years to hold the Office of Reader in the Church of England, and then  More...



In the Shropshire village of Tong, a bad tempered tomb dog called Fymm, who is many centuries old, makes a mistake and chooses the wrong schoolgirl to be Task Bearer. Chased by gargoyles, Alice reaches the Green Lady’s cottage, receives the first of her three gifts from the giantess who has mice in her hair, and learns that she must enter the Other World at Thin Time. Her task is to bring back the New Year seeds before midnight and prevent the world from dying. With her small stepbrother Thomas, Ratatosk the squirrel who can’t be trusted, Bridd the singing cockerel from the top of the church tower, and Fymm by her side, she sets out on her dangerous quest. Using the skipping rhyme password to enter the door into The Tree of Life, she travels into the Other World, knowing that she must face the Three Sisters at the Well of Wyrd and face the fury of Nidhogg the Snake-Dragon, armed only with a stone and a gargoyle’s shield. But does she have a loving heart, for without that she will never be able to return to her own time, and the treasure, whatever it is, will never be hers.

After many years taking middle grade school children on environmental study visits to Tong Church and using the church and the village as an extension of my classroom, I finally turned those experiences into a novel. Children reading the book and visiting the area can find the book's characters in the church.

Review by Star Newspaper Reporter Sophie Bignall:
Ludlow author Carole Anne Car truly understands children. Her fourth book, Thin Time makes it quite clear as she explores relationships between step-families, and emotions such as honesty, truth, courage and love. She certainly knows how to tell a great tale. Thin Time, which is set in the famous Shropshire village church of Tong near Shifnal, with its life sized effigies of knights in armour, is no exception. In her latest publication, she weaves a fantastic adventure incorporating enchantment, fantasy, local history and Norse mythology.
Alice may seem like an unlikely heroine, for she is rebellious and does not want to accept the task the four hundred year old dog Fymm has given her, but she is a child that youngsters can truly identify with. Passing through the Tree of Life with her small step-brother Thomas, Fymm the grumpy dog, Ratatosk the squirrel that can't be trusted, and Bridd the cockerel from the church tower, she must face Niddhogg the snake-dragon armed only with a stone and a gargoyle's shield.
Inspired by her years as a primary school teacher, Carole is a master storyteller and her fans, old and young, will be looking forward to the sequel when once again Alice must set off on her quest. And both children and parents will enjoy visiting Tong church and searching for the four hundred year old dog Fymm!