The Lucky Boy

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult

By Caroline Gerardo

Publisher : Mustard Seed Press

ABOUT Caroline Gerardo

Caroline Gerardo
Caroline is a slam poet who has published several novels. Her latest novel, The Lucky Boy is releasing January 2, 2011



Seth is a young boy who does not fit in anywhere. He is severely punished for the smallest of errors by his father a neurosurgeon. Seth’s mother is a socialite who drowns her problems in pills and alcohol. The father decides he cannot deal with Seth anymore and sends him to live with his paternal Grandmother. Seth’s Grandmother is more patient than his parents were. Seth becomes friends with a family down the street and falls in love with their daughter Amy. When grandmother dies of a stroke, he returned to his emotionally distant family.

In high school, Seth discovers he has talents in swimming and selling drugs to his friends. Seth decides he needs $10000.00 to find Amy who has moved to California. He makes friends with Jon who makes money organizing street fights between homeless men and taking bets. The two become friends and through their illegal activities, Seth saves up the money to leave on his journey to find Amy.

“The disturbing results of his quest will haunt the reader.”

“A mesmerizing tale of teenage disillusionment.”

“Gerardo’s 21st Century writing style delivers sucker punches.”

“Seth McGrath charms with dark forces

and flies in the face of every coming of age story.”

Some parts of the story are based on real events but the characters are fictional. A real boy did stalk my sister in childhood from Philadelphia to California, but the story is not based on his actions. Another real event in my young life was the death of a friend in a swimming pool. The electric current from the pool light is not a negative reflection of what happened in real life but the haunting memory I used to symbolize re-birth.

"A contemporary killed mockingbird."

"The story of this crazy guy will suck the air out of your lungs."

"If having bad parents, being short, terrible acne, and something wrong with your eyes was not enough... read a day in this boy's stolen boots."