Mystery & Thrillers

By Daddy Rich

Publisher : Daddy Rich of Gangsta-Lit

ABOUT Daddy Rich

Daddy Rich
Richarh L. Tyson “AKA” Daddy Rich is an underground Gangsta Rapper from Marion, Indiana.  In 1999 he was arrested for 6 counts of dealing cocaine.  After posting a $100,000 bond he was released.  After his release he recorded "Out on Bail" which became a local hood class More...



The Snitch Killer is on the loose!  Every informant who agrees to help law enforcement bring Ryan “R-Dubb” Williams to justice ends up dead.  Their throats are slit from ear to ear, and as a trademark, the killer “drops a dime” on his victims’ chest and scribbles the phrase “Speak No Evil” in blood at the murder scene.

        Bryan and Ryan are paternal twins on opposite sides of the law—or are they?  From childhood they were groomed by their Uncle Nookie, who’s serving life at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City for killing a cop in the 70’s.  Bryan became a detective on the Metropolitan Joint Task Force while Ryan became a dope dealer on the deadly streets of Gary, Indiana.

        Fresh out of prison, Ryan teams up with Bryan in flooding the streets with narcotics. This leads law enforcement on a chase to catch Bryan stealing out of the evidence room and to ultimately unveils the mysterious “Snitch Killer”.