Blood Scourge

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Gene Robinson

Publisher : Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

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Gene Robinson
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In the waning days of World War II, an American destroyer sinks a Japanese submarine near the coast of Korea carrying bombs packed with a deadly hemorrhagic fever virus. Intended for a last desperate attack on the United States, one of the bombs survives the fire and sinks to the sea floor. Ocean currents slowly carry it south while its seals gradually deteriorate.

Three generations later, CDC virologist Dr. Kristin St John investigates a suspected outbreak of the Reston stain of Ebola in the southern Philippines. The only type of Ebola that spreads through the air, the one thing that prevented a staggering death toll when the first outbreak killed monkeys near Washington D.C. in 1989 was its inability to infect people. Kristin's fear that the Reston strain has acquired this capability seems to be realized when people start dying in nearly villagers. Later she learns the new virus is a transmuted cross between the rare Reston strain and a type of hemorrhagic fever that killed hundreds of American soldiers during the Korean war.

Rishad Zharmakhan, an al-Qaeda Ph.D virologist, learns of the new virus and travels to the Philippines to obtain samples. CIA investigator Colwin Lark interviews Kristin concerning its potential to be turned into a bioweapon. As their relationship becomes romantic, Zharmakhan is busy trying to make that nightmare real.

With the CIA closing in, Zharmakhan destroys his secret lab in Kazakhstan and flees to Jakarta, establishing a larger facility to produce his far deadlier version. The CIA sends cruise missiles to take out Zharmakhan and his new lab. When Kristin learns of the attack, she tries to stop it, but it's too late.

The unintended consequences of the explosions are far more horrific than even Kristin had suspected. With no vaccine and no cure, is the end of humanity at hand?


"G Dedrick Robinson has created an apocalyptic story of an unimaginable nightmare unleashed by man himself. The story takes us around the globe as the unrelenting Blood Scourge takes its toll on humanity. Be prepared for an edge of your seat ride."--Victor Grippi, Hollywood screenwriter and Author of The Butterfly Virus

"An intriguing tale of a deadly virus that hits the world. A page-turner, impossible to put down - on a solid scientific basis."-- Clemens P. Suter, Author of Two Journeys, Celeterra and Heavenland

"In Blood Scourge, Mr. Robinson paints a frightening picture of bio-terrorism taken to the extreme. Starting in the final days of the second World War, he meticulously plants the seeds of a global catastrophe before he starts tightening the screws, building up to a crescendo of disaster and hope that will keep you turning pages long into the night. The heroes are strong and the villains are pure evil, yet they are all grounded in reality. These people could be real. Blood Scourge is a must read!" --William Esmont - Author of Self Arrest, Fire and The Patriot Paradox

"An excellent book that combines medical investigative techniques, and wonderful character development. This one will keep you reading!"-- Bill Clem - Author of Microbe, Immortal, They All Fall Down, Skin Deep, Bliss, Presidential Donor, Medicine Cup, Replica and Diencephalon