The Parental Journey

The Parental Journey

ABOUT Sue Atkins

Sue Atkins
I am an International Parenting Expert, Speaker, Broadcaster & Amazon bestselling Author of “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” one in the famous black and yellow series & the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy CDs. I have recently launched the first in my Parenting Made E More...



Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert's Parental Journey Ebook is designed to make you feel in control of your parenting with a clear, easy and straightforward plan to achieve the sort of family relationships you really want - quickly and without stress, anger or regret.

I am passionate about parenting and helping parents raise happy, confidence kids so this ebook is bursting with practical tips about keeping the bigger picture to your parenting and not sweating the small stuff.

“The`handbook’ that every parent needs.”

Best Magazine , Tuesday 30th October 2007

I would like to say a big thank you for the positive input your book has had on my family.

Being a single mother of two young boys (7 and 10 years) is not easy. I have always been worried about the effect of the difficult divorce may have had on them. Let alone everyday life.

I needed guidance and helpful advice, which is what is exactly what your book provides. It is so easy to pick out the information you need at that time without having to read all the book in one go.

I still regularly dip in and out of it. My relationship with my boys is so much stronger; we now have a content and positive family unit.
In fact it has helped us to develop into a fun, happy friendship as well, filled with love.

Your book has really helped me become the confident parent I am now!!”

Thank you
Christine Wise

“Sue’s book is an excellent read. Congratulations to her for addressing a complex subject in an easy way.”


Himanshu Tripathi father from Tunbridge Wells Kent

This book represents timeless wisdom from someone with
not only the knowledge and experience but, more importantly, the dedication and passion for parents and their children.
Tom Purcell - Father from South Africa
I really enjoyed reading this book and have found it a wonderful resource for giving me ideas as a parent to do the best for my mainstream child and my special needs child. Sue also has an App for the iPad and iPhone that you can purchase from her website. Well worth checking out.

Sally Huggett BSc Dip He RN

Editor in Chief The LIME