Between Black & White

History, General Fiction

By Tarek Refaat

Publisher : Tarek Refaat

ABOUT Tarek Refaat

Tarek Refaat
My name is Tarek Refaat, I work mainly in the field of Information Technology but I’ve always had a knack for writing and it took me quite some time to decide that I want to go through the adventure of publishing a book. Ruptured is my first book and I hope that you will enjoy it.


Between Black & White is a book that contains two fictional World War II stories that take us into the "What if" scenario where England and the whole UK would be invaded and pushed into the last stand. Can the British Army push back? Or is it the end of the Kingdom where the sun never sets? 

Find out by reading "Between Black & White"

Between Black & White is a book that will take you on a journey through 2 short stories "The Flight of Lighning" and "Operation Night Fall". The stories take on the imaginary idea of the German Army succcessfully drives the British Army back within the British Isle and infact invades it pushing the entire Army to the North. The British Army now is an a battle for survival.. Will they succeed in pushing the German army back? Or is it the end of the Empire where the sun never sets?