The Dunn Deal

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Catherine Leggitt

Publisher : Ellechor Publishing House

ABOUT Catherine Leggitt

Catherine Leggitt
Catherine Leggitt is an award-winning author, editor, and inspirational speaker. Her first book, PAYNE & MISERY, won 2nd place at the Orange County Christian Writers Conference in May
2010. Her third book, PARRISH THE THOUGHT, made the quarterfinals in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough More...



Rumors of dirty cops, midnight meetings on Friday the thirteenth, and a forested militia masquerading as a religious cult—these and other peculiar elements complicate the senseless murder of Deputy Sheriff Baxter Dunn, son-in-law of Christine Sterling’s best friend and mentor Zora Jane Callahan.

The subject may be frightful, but amateur sleuth Christine Sterling tackles it with her characteristic blend of snoopiness and tenacity, especially after Molly, her beloved border collie, is dog napped in retaliation for Christine’s intrusion into matters that are none of her business.

National media attention fuels the escalating conflict between Christine and the authorities. Constance Boyd, a renowned newswoman, arrives to launch her own inquiry into the murder. When she crosses paths with Zora Jane, a strong Christian with a heart for spreading the Gospel, she is confronted with Truth. Zora Jane challenges postmodern humanistic beliefs using scripture. But Miss Boyd clings to her perverted “religion.”

Suspicions develop concerning which of the lawmen can be trusted, if any. Truth is challenged on every side. When a second murder jolts the tranquil community, Christine gets tagged as the prime suspect. Who will rescue Molly if Christine ends up behind bars?

Christine Sterling never set out to become a sleuth. At fifty-five, she's a member of the Baby Boomer generation-- with perpetual energy and youthful vitality, at least in her own mind. What most certainly can be said of Christine, involves her penchant for snooping. With time on her newly-retired hands, snooping becomes her primary diversion. Christine's beloved border collie, Molly, is the perfect sleuthing partner, possessing a nose for sniffing out clues, so to speak.

"Not Your Ordinary Cozy Mystery--This One Has Heart" -Susanne Lakin, Author

"Good Clean Fun - if you can call a murder mystery that" -P. Creeden,
"Another gripping page turner" -Robert M. Ours, Old Historian
"The author has an interesting and engaging writing style... I was drawn into the books and could not stop reading until I was done!" -Allison Green, Reviewer