Nuke em in Jesus' name

Nuke em in Jesus' name

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Gregg Wendorf
I was born in Louisiana in 1955, and I've worked at a variety of jobs over the years: certified flight instructor; charter pilot; magazine writer; daily newspaper reporter; and community newspaper editor, publisher, janitor and owner. I live and work in the U.S., and I More...



Nuke ’em in Je$u$’ Name paints present-day America as a black comedy, where post-9/11 life has come to imitate art in a weird dysfunctional sort of way. The president’s been shot Christmas Day in downtown Washington D.C. at the Iraqi War Orphans Home by a 12-year-old female resident? What in the world is happening to America? It’s bad enough the economy is still stuck in reverse – now this? No doubt about it. Time to roll out the nukes. At least that’s what conservative American patriots and Evangelical Christians are screaming. Enough pussy-footing around. Nuke Iran. Hell, nuke somebody. Anybody.

Meanwhile, happily ensconced in this novel, eager to provide his favorite FAUX News reporter with some helpful political analysis, former President Johnny P. Barker is back to snorting endless lines of coke now that he’s retired from public office; his syntax still a jumbled mess. Not too far away, over at Walter Reed Army Hospital, President Barney Kenton has awakened from his coma only two days after being shot in the head; but uh-oh, he starts doing what none of his predecessors has ever done – he starts spouting the truth about war and economics in direct opposition to the rich-and-powerful people who put him in office. Will he survive this betrayal?