The Typhoon Sanction

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Wes Demott

Publisher : Admiral House Publishing

ABOUT Wes Demott

wes demott
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Mixing spies and counterespionage with old vendettas and small town murders, this novel pits the protagonist, ex-CIA agent Jay Stewart, against his Chinese enemy Phun , who hunts him halfway around the world to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Stewart, a master of misdirection who manipulates key people to do his dirty work, provides a whodunit element to this international story as the reader tries to make sense of four mysterious small-town murders. The more obvious the truth appears, the further the reader gets from it, ultimately being captured by the same manipulative skills that made Stewart such a successful Field Officer.

Be careful or CIA Field Officer Cruiser, a master at manipulating people and circumstances, will manipulate YOU in this story of vengeance, murder, and global terrorism. 

Robert Ludlum was a gracious man who hosted the launch party for my second thriller, Vapors. Although we shared a genre, my books were more political than his, at least until The Typhoon Sanction, which I wrote as my homage to Robert and the final step in my own transition from thrillers to adventure novels. Although I've had good success with three previous thrillers, I wrote The Typhoon Sanction as though Ludlum was looking over my shoulder. I think I succeeded in creating a story he would have loved to read.