Mother's Red Fingernail Polish

Mother's Red Fingernail Polish

ABOUT Pamela Eglinski

pamela eglinski
I write novels and short fiction.  Please see web site for examples. First novel due on Kindle: April 2012. name:  Return of the French Blue. Second novel: October 2012. name:  She Rides with Chinggis Khaan. Small anthology due February 2012.  name:  Mother's Red Fingernail Polish.   More...



Six little stories of laughter and adventure showcase this short anthology. Read about red fingernail polish as a metaphor for life; a four-wheel-drive caravan into the Australian bush; a daughter lost in the London Tube; memorable pies by Mother B; a husband who grows tomatoes upside down; and orphaned children rescued from a brutal life in Ulaanbaatar's dump.  The author spins a good story -- filled with humor, joy and fanciful escapades.  Her writings are sure to lift your spirits and encourage you to seek out the 'wild ride' of life.