The Red Bear Society

General Fiction, Young Adult

By Tracy L. Darity

Publisher : Teganjaz Books Presents...

ABOUT Tracy L. Darity

Tracy L. Darity
Tracy Darity is the author of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! and Love…Like Snow In Florida on a Hot Summer Day.  She resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is the proud mother of three daughters.  Darity is an independent author who publishes under the imprint, Teganjaz Books Presents More...



Johnson White High School has a new Principal and her name is Sharon Grayson. She’s not new to controversy, nor is she moved by standardized test scores that measure student achievement. Sharon believes that the biggest hindrance to her students is the social evils that hound them every second of the day. After a creative back-to-school orientation goes awry; parents, students, and the media begin questioning her credentials. 

Armed with startling statistics and backed by the school district’s Superintendent, who has his own agenda, she sets out to educate students and parents on what’s really going on with today's teens. “Go home and check your child's cell-phone and computer,” was the homework assignment she gave to a crowd of angry parents. But it will take a tragic accident to capture their attention. 

The Red Bear Society is formed after the students of Johnson White host a blood drive in response to the accident, which left a fellow classmate in critical condition. A chain of events, including the suicide of a popular athlete, places them all in the national spotlight. With Sharon at the helm, the student’s band together and display true courage as rumors, innuendo, and a relentless slew of reporters converge on their beloved school. 

The Red Bear Society is a powerful novel that addresses several issues that many teens are experiencing today. It is not just a novel for teenagers, but a must read for any and everyone who has a teenager in their life.  If you believe your child is not being influenced by peer pressure, and is beyond the grasp of the negative influence of social media, then I double dare you to read the Red Bear Society.