AngelFall Book III - A Novel of Hell

ABOUT S.E. Foulk

S.E. Foulk
S.E. Foulk was born in Camden, NJ, attended Eastern High School in Voorhees, and moved to Hawaii when he was 26. After meeting his wife and having a son there, he enrolled in the University of Hawaii and graduated in 2000 with a degree in Computer Science.
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The ancient prisoner's identity is revealed, and the importance of Aristotle's discovery fuels a new initiative to escape from the gilded cage of Limbo, which has been recently discovered to be infiltrated by metamorphed high demons. The fugitive hunters, tasked with finding the distinctive escapee, are bearing down, and Chiron, in search of answers, soon becomes part of the hunt that will change Hell's landscape forever. Aetos lays at the bottom of a river of boiling pitch in the Eighth Circle, as Panos, shredded by the Harpies of the Wood, has been captured by the human-despising centaurs of the Seventh Circle.

This is Book III of the AngelFall Series. Book IV will be available in July 2012.

This is Book III of the AngelFall series. Book IV will be available in July, 2012.