the Amazing Adventures of Oinky Grub

Young Adult, Humor, Children's Books

By Andy Frazier

Publisher : Chauffour Books

ABOUT Andy Frazier

Andy Frazier
Author of over 40 books, livestock enthusiast, commentator, and broadcaster of Toplines and Tales podcast. Uually found around livestock, somewhere...



‘Oink!” was the only word that Oinky knew when he was a wee sausage-like piglet, (except, we are not allowed to mention the S word, that would be mean). Life wasn’t easy for a small pig in a large family and it wasn’t about to get any easier, either, as a man approaches with a knife.
In this slightly long and sometimes unbelievable tale, being chased with knives becomes quite commonplace for Oinky Grub, so it is just as well that he learns to run, very fast. He also learns about food too, and his favourite things in the world are cream-crackers. Sarah Ryan knows this because it said so on e-bay…Oinky likes Sarah Ryan and her father’s garden.