That Will Do Nicely

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Ian Campbell

Publisher : Ian Wallace Campbell

ABOUT Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell
Middle-aged author. Been around a bit. Journalist-photographer for national press; maths teacher. Currently living life backwards, doing all the things now that I should have done as a young man. Great fun. Writes fiction, non-fiction and books on math.



Tom Pascoe, thirty-something, catches his wife inflagrante delicto and throws her out. She takes her revenge by running up huge debts in his name. Faced with certain bankruptcy he decides to play the credit card company at their own game and runs a scam by inventing his own bank and issuing worthless Travelers Cheques in its name. Can he pass enough of them in a short period of time before anyone catches onto the scam. In That Will Do Nicely, Pascoe races against time, New Scotland Yard and the American Secret Service. Things don't always go to plan.

Some time ago I ran a Bureau de Change where I spent my time between changing peoples' money from one currency into another; changing Travelers Cheques into currency and making travel arrangements for my customers. I had time on my hands and worked out the weaknesses of the system. Should i commit the crime or write the book about it? So I wrote the book.

There's a good review of my book on amazon from an unexpected quarter:-)