The Memoirs of a Living Dead Girl

Romance, General Fiction

By Brenda Bailey

Publisher : Horrorotica

The Memoirs of a Living Dead Girl

ABOUT Brenda Bailey

Brenda Bailey
My name is Brenda Bailey and I live in Evil Dead country, Indiana. I write erotic horror novels.


Life for beautiful Zoey Tann was a simple one, filled with hard work and contentment working at the sanitarium owned by her wealthy grandfather.  

Unfortunately, life as she knew it came to an abrupt halt when she died a sudden death, drowning in the massive river that surrounded the mysterious hospital in the woods. 
Only at the hands of the brilliant, Dr. Joshua Graham is Zoe’s heart able to beat once again, creating the world’s first living dead girl. 
However, awakening in a world meant only for the living isn’t all sunshine and roses for Zoe. Constantly pursed by Dr. Ivan Drake, a vile man that has only lust and money on his mind, she must also cope with the fact that her body has changed in ways that are now bizarre and frightening. 
After a night of heated ecstasy, Dr. Graham vowed to unlock the secrets that kept Zoe a prisoner in her own body, but falling in love with her was never a part of his carefully laid plan. 
Now they share love and romance greater than death itself…

An erotic romance between Zoey Tann, the world's first living dead girl and her creator, Dr. Joshua Graham.