Diablo's Return

ABOUT Sierra Rose

Sierra Rose
My pen name is Sierra Rose under which I've published a full length paranormal romantic suspense novel, a short action novella, a poetry collection and a cookbook of family recipes.

I live in Eastern rural Ohio with my family, three spoiled cats and a semi-fierce Beagle. I've be More...



When a team of troubleshooters return to a small town in France seeking a mysterious assassin, they soon learn that not all is as it seems when a part of their past returns in a most disturbing way.

Once Nicholas Wolfe was a man with his whole life ahead of him. He enjoyed his job, his friends, and had found new love. All of that changed when the boat he was on exploded and the world believed him dead.

In reality, Nick was hurt. Captured by the enemy and tortured until his ecape to become the dark avenger called Diablo. A mysterious shadow that seeks justice for the innocent & revenge on those who had wronged him. He was close to achieving this goal until his past catches up to him.

When Macon Reed and Casey White, his former teammate & the woman he'd once loved, return to France in search of this mystery assassin, they have no idea who or what they're really seeking until the night when Diablo is forced to make a choice that will either save him or doom them all.

Will Diablo's path of destruction take him againt his friends or will he find a way to come back to the light?

A short story that came to mind as I was planning new characters. Nick's an interesting guy before the events that introduce him and I certainly hope to explore of him and his friends.