Chasing Fate

General Fiction

By Vanessa Kelman

Publisher : CreateSpace

Chasing Fate

ABOUT Vanessa Kelman

Vanessa Kelman
After a lifetime of calling herself a "writer," Vanessa is finally making it official. Vanessa has self-published two novels, Chasing Fate and Accepting FateĀ and is hard at work on the trilogy's conclusion, Tempting Fate.
Vanessa also writes a blog, entitled "A Life Yo More...



Is it possible to forget the past ever happened?

Fifteen years ago, Melanie's life was perfect. She was graduating high school, she had a future with the man she loved, and she lived in a small town surrounded by people who cared about her. Then her boyfriend Bryan went to the army, and Melanie attempted to escape herself and her depression by moving on. But the guilt and depression followed her, and she finds that returning to Lakeville may be her only chance to find happiness.

Bobby has spent the last ten years grieving for the wife he lost in childbirth, and the child lost that day as well. As he tries to move past his grief and reclaim his life, he finds change isn't as easy as it seems.

As their lives begin to intertwine, Melanie and Bobby learn from each other and rediscover what they want out of life and who they want to be. And maybe, just maybe, find out that fate was right on track.