Alone on the Edge

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Patrick Stutzman

Publisher : Kindle Direct Publishing

ABOUT Patrick Stutzman

Patrick Stutzman
"I liked science fiction before it was cool."

The above statement is true with Patrick. He has always loved science fiction, being heavily influenced by Star Trek and Star Wars as a child. He read classic science fiction by authors such as Douglas Adams and Frank Herb More...



After accepting a job as a robotic engineer that sends her to a mining station at the edge of explored space, Anna Foster finds that her position is not what she expects and must adjust to life as the only living being aboard, struggling to keep her freedom and her sanity while a relentless computer lords over her existence.

The first book in the Chronicles of Anna Foster series.

"As a first time novelist, Stutzman really makes this ordeal believable. The dialogue between woman and machine is fun and most times hilarious, sometimes it is even touching. This was a great read and one I couldn't put down. This is first in an upcoming series. Get the book. Read it." --Mae Jones