2000 Deciduous Trees: Memories of a Zine

ABOUT Nath Jones

Nath Jones
Nath Jones received an MFA in creative writing from Northwestern University where she was a nominee for The Best New American Voices 2010.  Her publishing credits continue to accumulate and include PANK Magazine, There Are No Rules, and Sailing World.  Nath’s work is influenced by s More...



2000 Deciduous Trees is an exploration of individual experience selected from Nath Jones’s ‘90s zine, The Skirt. The writing resists losing its balance during a time when gasoline was cheap and no one drove slowly on the cusp of the new millennium. The voice yearns for change. But nothing can be done in a twenty-something world where one-night stands get forgotten with execution-style murders.

About the On Impulse eBook Series:

We each have an impulse to share our experience. These four collections of short works explore storytelling from catharsis to craft. Over the course of this series Nath Jones's writing style develops from the raw, associative, tyrannic rambles of cathartic non-fiction, flash fiction, and rant in The War is Language and our digital domains, to the delightful rough-hewn vignettes of 2000 Deciduous Trees, into the compact characterizations of the fictionalized tellings in Love & Darts, and finally toward How to Cherish the Grief-Stricken's fully-crafted short stories that use literary devices and narrative elements to reveal a world well-rendered.