Finding Jennifer

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Dave Folsom

Publisher : Scaling Tall Timber Press

ABOUT Dave Folsom

dave folsom
I started writing stories and essays over twenty years ago after taking a course in creative writing on a whim. That influence prompted me to write about some of the colorful characters I'd met in the many places and occupations I'd explored. Some, though not all, of the characters and eve More...



Charlie Draper only took the job of finding the missing girl as favor.  He approached it convinced that the hot desert sun had likely eliminated another unprepared hiker rather than a part of the Border Wars.  It didn’t take long to realize his error.  Then it became complicated.  In less than a day he discovers that drug cartel members shot her and threw her into a volcano vent.  The resulting trail leads into Mexico where his actions bring on the wrath of the cartel.  The bodies start to pile up with a vengeance as he and his helicopter-flying Apache friend attempt to rescue the young women and prevent the revenge determined drug alliance from killing them all.