A Word Before U Sleep

ABOUT Ayoola Adelaja

Ayoola Adelaja
My name is Ayoola Adelaja. I am a 37 years old writer and inspirational speaker. I  love to inspire and counsel. I love to be a source of light and a pointer of the true way when men find themselves in the dark corners of life. I believe everyman is a giant to be reckoned with and I think More...



The book is written to challenge the ignorant and idle mind of many about the significance of God’s words to the absolute and unhindered daily success of everyone in this generation. The book contains a compilation of nuggets, short, but powerful and light shedding notes. I have endeavored to show, through this book that no man can separate true success from God’s words and principles.”

Maybe you will like to have access to the sure secrets upon which you can hinge your success in life? As you lay your head on your pillow, about to call it a day, please take a moment to open a page of this book and allow the breeze of God to blow true wisdom for successful living upon you. Happy Reading … and Sleep Tight…

This book is an agent of transformation and a true companion in a world that is seemingly getting more confused everyday. Tope Adenrele

The simplicity of the compositions of this book, the shortness of the messages and the profound wisdom found therein make it and the writer very unique. Peter Ulysses