A Child's Stillness

ABOUT Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams
  Born a child prodigy and a rare-gifted genius in 1961, Mr. Andrew Williams has lived a life few others have experienced and survived to talk about. Already facing prejudice in Lawton, Oklahoma because of the color of his skin and his peculiar abilities as an extremely-gifted genius, y More...



A Child’s Stillness:

Is a true account of the hardship and suffering Mr. Andrew Williams experienced as a rare-gifted genius with peculiar abilities. Born a child prodigy, he has worked for different agencies and secret societies. He has seen other children with special abilities captured and killed before one of these secret societies turned on him. Already facing prejudice because of the color of his skin and his peculiar ability as a extremely-gifted genius to know and do all things, Andrew’s childhood was violent and brutal; his elementary school a battleground. But Andrew’s martial art abilities and psychic gifts would always manifest themselves to protect him and ensure his continued survival. Then when Andrew learns that this secret society wants to capture him and have him use his special abilities to kill, he refuses to work for them. Now the elementary school child at such a tender age is facing off with armed men in black who were assigned to capture and hurt him. Again his martial art abilities and psychic powers emerge to the surface as Andrew takes down hundreds of opponents. And throughout his trial, Andrew develops a peculiar relationship with his God who sends angels to watch over him and protect him from harm, and even death.

A Child Stillness tells the incredible true story of this young boy’s suffering and survival.