Daddy's Little Girl

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Karen Crumley

Publisher : Dragondreamz Publications

ABOUT Karen Crumley

Karen Crumley
Over 20 years ago Wannabe ballerina K. Crumley hung up her point shoes, and sat down at the typewriter. A long-time lover of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, and Oscar Wilde led her to create stories of her own.  The most notable was The Golden Rose.  Crumley enrol More...


He thought he was invincible.
He was dead wrong...
The Exterminator was coming for him, and she never leaves her prey alive. 


A highly trained assassin stalks her prey through a crowded stadium, to exact her own brand of justice. 

She's not a killer. She's an exterminator...out to rid the world of filth and scum. As she sets out to slay the monster who raped Colonel Briggs' daughter, it turns out not to be such an easy task. 

She not only struggles against the brute strength of the American football player, she struggles against her own inner demons. 

So much is at stake in this job. The Blade cannot fail! 

She's sugar. She's spice.  She's lethal.

Daddy's Little Girl 

I think it's pretty obvious that this story was inspired by the Ben Rothlesberger rape cases. I had real issues with the fact that (in my educated opinion) he is guilty, and seemed to just get away with it... People still star-worshiped him, and praised him for his athletic skill...even though (to me) he was nothing more than a common criminal. I needed a creative way to express my outrage, and this story became just that for me. This real life case was not the only inspiration for this short story. The television show NCIS lent some inspiration to the character Astrid; as did the episode about rubber masks and disguises. Col. Briggs was inspired by the character J.R. Ewing from Dallas.