Angelic Visions


By Karen Crumley

Publisher : Dragondreamz Publications

ABOUT Karen Crumley

Karen Crumley
Over 20 years ago Wannabe ballerina K. Crumley hung up her point shoes, and sat down at the typewriter. A long-time lover of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, and Oscar Wilde led her to create stories of her own.  The most notable was The Golden Rose.  Crumley enrol More...


18 heartfelt poems, centered around the themes of Angels, love, forgivenes, trust and hope. 


Relax, Enjoy

Spread your wings

And Fly with me

Poems I've written through the years, and some very recent. I've written as inspiration has hit me. Through ups and downs, poetry has become a source of self-expression, strength, a poetic release...and a way to say somethings that I have been unable to say otherwise.