Fright Flight, Dream Seekers Book One

Children's Books, Middle Grade, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Lisa Ard

Publisher : Puddletown Publishing Group

ABOUT Lisa Ard

Lisa Ard
I am a children's book author AND avid reader, stay-at-home mom, part-time business consultant, school volunteer, library board president, Sunday school teacher, book club member, chauffeur, volleyball coach, wife and mom, not necessarily in that order.


Fright Flight is the first installment in the Dream Seeker Adventures series. Being twelve years old can be challenging, but add to that the unusual ability to experience dreams as reality and you begin to understand Patrick's need for a little self-control. A "sweet" dream devouring the world's largest ice cream sundae can end with an enormous stomachache. A fall from a bike means Patrick wakes with a broken arm. Try explaining that to the emergency room doctor Oh wait - that would be Patrick's mom. She's a dream seeker too, as are Patrick's sister and brother. If Patrick follows the family's dream-seeking rules he can have cool nighttime adventures. But if he forgets...

I came up with the Dream Seeker series idea after reading several series with my own kids -- Magic Tree House, Secrets of Droon, Geronimo Stilton, How to Train Your Dragon... I love the series where kids have fantastical adventures so I asked myself, "by what new vehicle could my characters have such adventures?" The answer was dreams.

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This is a great book for young readers. It allows their imaginations to take them into the world of Dream Seekers. Great for boys and girls and likely to get them hooked on the world of reading.

This book was obviously written by someone who KNOWS how young boys think, and what they like to do. The illustrations are fun and I can't wait to read the next installment.

This is a short but action-packed book that will hook your young reader from the first page. It is a good story, and the premise leaves much material for future books, while still working as a stand-alone tale. It is a great choice for read-aloud time, but young readers will manage it on their own, as well. We can't wait for the next book!

This was a fun and exciting read, and I think young boys and girls will enjoy it and want more! What an exciting concept that you could dream and actually be in the dream with friends and family. I look forward to the next Dream Seeker book.

It was really awesome. I liked how the family could go into their dreams. I gave a copy to my teacher. :) :) :)

What a wild ride! This book was wonderful! My kids really enjoyed it, even though they are girls and the books hero is male. I also noticed other reviewers displeasure with some of the vocabulary/voice that our young dreamer exhibits. I actually don't have a problem with that at all. Some of the words and phrases that come out of my daughters mouths boggle the mind, and I think that kids are simply a lot more savvy nowadays than we ancients were. :) The creativity displayed by this author is impressive, and I really look forward to seeing more from her in the future!