The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book on a Budget

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By Linda Radke

Publisher : Five Star Publications, Inc.

ABOUT Linda Radke

Linda Radke
Since 1985, veteran publisher Linda F. Radke, owner of Five Star Publications, has been ahead of her game--self-publishing before it was commonplace, partnership publishing before the rest of the world even knew what it was and producing award-winning traditionally and nontraditionally pub More...


A Writer's Digest Book Club Selection

From the Foreword
by Dan Poynter

If you publish your own book, you will make more money, get to press sooner, and keep control of your work. You have all the ingredients to be a successful author - publisher - this book will be your recipe.

Plan your product. Find a need and fill it. Target your audience before you can write your book. Who are your readers and what do they want? How can you help them by delivering the most value while taking the least amount of their time? You need something to lean on - this book will be your escort.

Whether you self-publish or turn your manuscript over to a publisher, the author always has to do the book promotion. Most authors find out too late that publishers do not promote books. "If it is to be, it is up to me." You need guidance and encouragement - this book will be your coach.

Plan your promotion before you write your book. Read this book and draft your marketing plan. You need a plan and this book will be your guide.

Writing the book is the easy part; the tip of the iceberg. The real work begins when you switch hats to expend time and money on promoting the books. As you enter this new territory, this book will be your beacon.

Book promotion takes time. Book reviews take three months to three years to appear because magazines and even daily newspapers have long lead times. The easiest mistake is to send out books for review, news releases on your books, or a direct-mail offer and then to sit back and wait for the results. The secret of savvy book promotion is to keep up the pressure: keep sending out the packets and keep making the phone calls. You need a constant reference and this book will be your mentor.

Linda Radke has made your new venture easy by providing a simple road map to economical self-publishing. Start now by taking the first step. This book will be your secret weapon.
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

5.0 out of 5 stars For anyone aspiring to publish their own work, April 13, 2009

Even in the present economic climate that has compelled the major publishing houses to cut back the numbers of titles they produce, it has never been easier to publish a book -- or sell one. In "The Economical Guide To Self-Publishing: How To Produce And Market Your Book On A Budget", Linda F. Radke draws upon her more than 24 years of experience and expertise as a publisher whose Five Star Publications has produced award-winning and commercially successful books that were traditionally published, self-published, and published through limited partnerships. The result is a compendium of solid, practical, step-by-step information that takes the aspiring author from manuscript to published book, and then on to the tasks of marketing, promotion, publicity, and sales. "The Economical Guide To Self-Publishing" covers such issues as transforming a manuscript into a typeset book; recruiting illustrators and editors; obtaining copyrights, ISBN numbers, and bar codes; getting printing bids; publishing as a home business; developing mailing lists; even handling interviews. Of special note is what "The Economical Guide To Self-Publishing" offers by way of strategies and tactics for effectively marketing a book on a limited budget. Enhanced with an appendix listing useful publications and associations for the self-published author, “The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing.” is highly recommended reading and an invaluable resource and 'do-it-yourself' reference for anyone aspiring to publish their own work.