Bad Luck Officer

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By Suzie Ivy

Publisher : Bad Luck Publishing

ABOUT Suzie Ivy

Suzie Ivy
I entered the police academy to celebrate my midlife crisis. The interesting part is that I actually survived to write about it. I love reading, writing, horses and living in a small town. I believe every day should start with a smile and you can do anything you put your mind to. I did! 


Suzie has graduated the police academy at the age of 45. She is now on the street as the first female certified peace officer in Small Town, AZ and living her dream. Unfortunately, it's not the dream she thought it would be. Bad Luck Officer is filled with humor, determination and grit.  

I became a police officer at the age of 45 and had my ass kicked at the police academy but I survived. Bad Luck Officer is the story of my first two years on the street including life as a rookie. I'm also the first female officer in the town where I work and there's a bit of an adjustment curve for my male co-workers. My goal is to bring humor and realism to life as an officer.

Jet Callahan: Honestly, Bad Luck Officer is one of the best things I have read in a long time- and believe me, I read A LOT. You will laugh, cry, and possibly even have the urge to strangle random household appliances! I give this read 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! Bad Luck Officer makes me want to become a cop all the more now!

Suzie Ivy shows all three sides of the police life here- the good, the bad, and the freaking hilarious! We need more, Ms. Ivy- MORE! :D

This is a great read- 9 out of 10 dead yellow dogs in suitcases agree, lmao!

Author Tim Vicary: It's an honour to be the first UK reader to review this book. I came to it from Bad Luck Cadet, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and this is just as good. In the first book Suzie, a middle-aged mother with two grown-up children, succeeds against all the odds to pass an extremely tough, militaristic and demanding course at the Police Academy; here she starts out on her probation year as a police officer - the first female police officer in Small Town Arizona. She has to put everything she learned into practice under the watchful eyes of her critical, demanding, and sometimes very chauvinistic male colleagues. The incidents she deals with are by turns amusing, shocking, and very moving. It's written as a true story, with details of names and places changed to protect privacy. Nothing in this book is boring; she writes simply and clearly, and has a gift for describing her characters and bringing them to life. I think this book is a considerable achievement. I hope there will be a third one - Bad Luck Detective - and look forward to reading that too.

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