Defying The Sheikh


By Michelle Hughes

Publisher : Tears of Crimson Books

ABOUT Michelle Hughes

Michelle Hughes
Michelle Hughes is an international bestselling romance author with over 15 books published. She is an Alabama native, married with five children, and formerly a singer/songwriter. Michelle is also the owner of Tears of Crimson LLC which provides exposure to independent authors and enterta More...



Michaela Rosewood had spent her entire life fighting against the society that demanded she conform to the rigid standards for a lady of breeding. One fateful meeting with a Sheikh would alter her future forever.

His gorgeous face would not sway her from the disgust she felt on his country's horrible treatment of women. When her own defiance pulls them into a marriage bond, she vows to make his life a living hell.

The passion soars when two conflicting views of life are thrown together and tempers abound. Who will be the victor when desire and rage combine into one explosive love affair that has them both demanding to be in control?

Can love be born when her only happiness is found in defying the Sheikh?
This is the first time I have read any of Michelle Hughes work and I loved it. I struggled right along side Michaela, Undecided on whether desire or disgust towards The Sheikh should win, to be honest I am still undecided. I found myself feeling like I was in her shoes, Armon's way of life is so very different to the one I was brought up in that I found myself distraught at times over the things Michaela had to face. There were many hot and steamy scenes in this novella, you may find yourself left needing a cold shower after you have finished reading it.

I am looking forward to reading more by this author.