The Leprechauns and The Cauldron

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Kristin Unkelbach

Publisher : Book Surge

ABOUT Kristin Unkelbach

Kristin Unkelbach
I am the author of 'The Leprechauns and The Cauldron: The Otherworld Series'. I'm down to earth and would love some feedback on what people think of my book.


Chelsie was delighted that school was out, and looked forward to a summer of fun and adventures with her dog. Little did she know that her world would be turned upside down after one fantastic dream. Someone needed her help, and they would be returning to take her into a world she had only dreamt about; a world where magic was common place, mysteries were numerous, and fantastic beings were the commoners. Chelsie and her new sidekick set out on a quest to find a stolen magical cauldron; all the while, a beautiful and divided Queen prepares for the final showdown between the realm of magic, and the realm of humans. Unknown to Chelsie, her and her alone has been set on the path where her special and unique abilities will either set free two worlds, or doom them both.