Under the Graves

ABOUT Jax E. Garson

Jax E. Garson
Writer of several books, Space Station Apocalypse, Double Eagle War, Fifth World, Dark Wine, Amongst the Shadows, Under the Graves, A Cursed Life, The Sin of Mediocrity, The Cold and Dark Places, Confessions of an Elven Vampire, The Scandal of Vampire Cults, A Vampire in an Elven Court, Va More...



In a world ravaged by wars and a lack of government authority, the future is a high tech and dangerous world with criminals and innocents co-mingling. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that navigate through the corruption to restore balance against the corporations. Human converge with animal attributes to survive the radioactive and toxic environment.

New Orleans is a Venice of ocean and radioactive sludge, but the inhabitants of the drowning city survive with defiant determination. Detective Graves is a folk hero to the people, a Robin Luddite who contracts jobs to dismantle the corporate powers from wielding too much power over the Breeds. His latest contract has Darius Jones guarding a musician named Rose secretly. Slowly, he is enchanted by her music. The contract becomes an excuse to watch her.

Although retired from being a Robin Luddite, Darius Jones begins an investigation of some power fluctuations and the strange relationship that has developed between Deotronics and Gratia San Antonio. He calls his sister and Gus Sips from Miami to assist in infiltrating the elusive Deotronics and assembles a team to discover the answers to the many mysteries. Darius Jones interferes with the Breeds’ free power and their folk hero is displeased. He stands alone in an ugly world but he is compelled to chase his ghosts from haunting him.

Contains adult situations, language and violence. Mystery thriller, Science Fiction