General Fiction

By Felisha Bradshaw

Publisher : Urban Grapevine Magazine


ABOUT Felisha Bradshaw

Felisha Bradshaw
Author of EYES ON THE PRYZE 1-5, HAND ME DOWNS AND SISTAH CIRCLE 1-2. I am also CEO of URBAN GRAPEVINE MAGAZINE and Sole Publisher at Urban Grapevine Publishing with two authors under UG Publishing; Chari La'Mone and Maritza P. Brown. Their hit title is The Chronicles of SIN, available whe More...



In the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Chase Pryze reigns supreme in the drug game. while his twin brother, Caine, leads the drug game in New York City. At the age of 22, neither one of these twins have ever met. Separated at birth, they both endure a rough childhood, and the only means of survival is to grind in the streets.

Chase's girlfriend, Phoenix, is attending the local college to be close to Chase. The love they share cannot be broken...or so Phoenix thought. When Phoenix looks out her bedroom window and notices Chase and her best friend together, she gets angry and instead of listening to either one of them, she decides to make the transfer to a school in New York. Here she meets Caine, and a downward spiral of events are triggered.

69 Degrees
After the warehouse killings everyone had demons to deal with. Rajii started keeping secrets from Kye; going against their pact, “No secret between boys.” Jamaira blamed Rajii for the death of her brother. And Lynx seems to think there is something shiesty going on with Rajii’s story. Phoenix is consumed with guilt and blames herself for the death of her one and only true love and believes that her new BFF is hiding something about herself. Vina thinks Phillie is being unfaithful and begins drinking and druggin’ to self-medicate and does some messing around of her own. As for Phillie just when she thinks things are looking up with the opening of her new club: 69 Degrees…A Lady’s Lounge she starts getting threatening calls to expose all her secrets about her involvement in Vina’s rape. But through the mist Kye gets his family back but it doesn’t take long before it is all threatened to be taken away. Detective Mathews is hot on his trail and is now the lead Detective in the warehouse murders. Evidence is turning up left and right and it will only be a short while before he can piece the puzzle together of what really went down in the Meat District the night Blizz, Caine and Chase met their demise. Or did someone live? There are new characters in town Meet Jaylyn Blizz’s baby mother. She has something to gain and nothing to lose and she is out for vengeance and what’s rightfully hers…the root of all evil; dirty money! There is another lurking in the mist…back from the dead? Who lived? All will be revealed in the sequel to Eyes on the Pryze in 69 degrees a Lady’s Lounge...where no one can be trusted and no one is! 
~~Great beginning to the series. So many unexpected situations I couldn't put it down! Chase and Caine are ruthless leaders who's lives and businesses intertwine in a way that keeps you guessing what's going to happen next. The characters in this story are well developed, pulling the reader into the story even more. Looking forward to what part 2 has to offer. Kudos to Ms. Bradshaw for creating a 5 star book!~BROOKE