Passion and Peril on the Silk Road: A Thriller in Pakistan and China

ABOUT Susan Barrett Price

Susan Barrett Price
I sketched scenes for "Passion & Peril on the Silk Road during my own gonzo road trip through Central Asia. With my future husband, I endured landslides, village lockdowns, and cold-water shangri-las... bought ancient beads and carpets from refugees... survived being conned and be More...



It starts with murder in Manhattan. Before long Nellie Mackenzie and Taylor Jackson find themselves in Asia, at opposite ends of the Karakoram Highway. Nellie is headed north through tribal Pakistan, where vengeance killings are a way of life. Jackson is headed south along the desert routes of western China, where smuggling national treasures is a capital offense. Nellie and Jackson are antiquities dealers. They were once husband and wife. Now the unsolved murder lies between them. Making their way across the vast historic landscapes of 1990s Central Asia, their companions are murderers, lovers, and a treasure trove of Tang Dynasty statuary. Everyone on this modern Silk Road is seeking justice for betrayals they’ve suffered. No one knows where their sense of honor will take them. Death lurks at every turn.
A thriller you can't put down: love, danger, and intrigue!! What a great story. Jackson and Nellie! What happened to their love 10 years ago? What will happen to them now? Jackson has barely recovered from the horrible murder of his wife, Catherine -- apparently in an art deal gone bad. And his old flame Nellie shows up. Will her spirited attempt to help her beloved Jackson "solve the case" succeed? Or will Jackson cure his sorrows by going back on the road, back in business with the new woman Anna?... The author's knowledge of these faraway countries and their culture was impressive. She tucked details into every situation, making this mysterious part of the world and the twisted business of art dealing come alive... [Pat Drum, Florida]

The author has woven a compelling tale of mystery and suspense.... The international dealing in legal and illicit Asian antiquities is as much a part of the story as the characters themselves.

The characters are all very human: some evil, some loyal and courageous, and some vain and self-centered. Each character engages and holds the reader's interest, but not always the reader's sympathy, through the twists and turns of international intrigue. The action is fast-paced and compelling with surprising revelations about the strengths, weaknesses, and background of the characters as the story develops. The ending is satisfying, but unexpected, with surprises until the final page. Any fan of mystery and suspense will enjoy this compelling novel by a talented writer. [Donald R. Hayworth, Florida]

A GREAT READ! I am a book snob! I usually read mystery, suspense, etc. written by established authors. A friend suggusted this book and I thought OK I'll give a try. I am sure glad I did as I now have another great writer to add to my list. I was captivated from start to finish, it was refreshing to read a book different from what I have read lately.... [Joy Rogers, Florida]