A Young Scientist's Guide to Defying Disasters with Skill and Daring

ABOUT James Doyle

James Doyle
I count myself blessed to have somehow smuggled myself in the the world of children's books. I love writing about our planet and how much we tend to mess it up!  If you have an explorer's instinct and nerves of steel, then my books are for you! If not, it's probably best if you leave righ More...


If you have a thirst for adventure and dodging danger then welcome! You are now part of a very elite and specialised group of explorers who, by the end of this book, will have the firsthand skills and know-how to defy even the most dangerous situations on earth. Complete with hands-on experiments, the Explorers Guide to Defying Disasters is your guide to surviving anything planet earth can throw at you! Ever conquered a limnic eruption or a lahar? No? Well kit up, engage your brain and prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.

James Doyle grew up in a war-torn Belfast city during the now notorious ''Troubles'' era. He had one love...books. The difficulty was getting them. With little money available to buy them, he had to relay on the public library system...straightforward enough you might think, but at a time when the people of Belfast were at war with one another and lived in completely separate areas - the journey into a Protestant area by a 7 year old Catholic was going to take on epic proportions. A typical journey would involve the skills to weave through riots between youths and the police forces, dodging bullets and petrol bombs as you go. Next was the giant 80 feet high ''Peace walls'' which sparated Protestants from Catholics, and once you pass through the gate...you were on foreign soil. This was no place to be stopped and questioned about who you were and where you lived. You just had to make a run for it and if you were lucky, you made it unscathed. If not, a chase, a beating and even a burning of books. During that time James learned to navigate situations well and he has learned to make survival a priority. This book is a kid's guide to surviving any situation on earth. This is your guide to surviving anything planet earth can throw at you! So, if you think you can handle it, come and join us for the ride of a lifetime!