Richard: It's In The Blood


Raleigh artist, Linda Rae Blair was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. As Mt. St. Helens was erupting, she and her family were in the process of moving to Seattle, Washington. When her children were grown, she traveled the country, relocating to Ohio, North Carolina, and Monterey Bay, More...


Part 3 of Ms. Blair's Chicago Trilogy, "Intersections: Love, Betrayal, Murder."  
Richard hales from a family of cops. Richard's father is murdered and he discovers his mother is sleeping with the man Richard believes is the killer. Unable to continue working on the same police force with his father's killer, Richard relocates to Chicago.  
A new job, a new friend, and a new love bring joy and challenges to his life.  
Chicago is not the best place for an honest cop in the early 20th century. Richard must work with and around a series of crooked mayors, police chiefs, and cops. Then there are the days of Capone, Moran, and the other hoods that made a cop's life interesting and certainly could make it shorter!