It's Only Rock and Roll

It's Only Rock and Roll

ABOUT Bruce Pollock

Bruce Pollock
I am the author of IF YOU LIKE THE BEATLES, 10 other books on music and 3 novels. I was the founding co-editor in chief of GUITAR for the Practicing Musician and a record producer at BMG and Sony BMG for 12 years. 



It’s finally out in downloadable form! Bruce Pollock's long out of print third novel. When it was first published in 1980, reviewers called it “wry, funny, knowledgeable, and shrewd.” Now it’s been totally revised, revamped, remastered, resequenced and repriced. There are even songs to go with it. Follow the story of Eugene X. Maybloom from teenage heartthrob to a job working for his father–before his fate catches up to him, in the form of an offer he can’t refuse, from his long ago muse, Cassie Morgan.