Shadow Selves

ABOUT Bill Kirton

Bill Kirton
Ex university lecturer, writer of radio and stage plays, crime novels and short stories.Material Evidence, Rough Justice, The Darkness, Shadow Selves and Unsafe Acts are all set in Cairnburgh, near Aberdeen, Scotland and feature DCI Jack Carston.The Figurehead is set in Aberdeen in 1840. More...



Professor Hayne, of the University of Grampian, Scotland, is a sick man. But when he fails to recover after an operation, the discovery of mistakes in both surgical and anaesthetic procedures suggests that his death was far from accidental. His political manoeuvring had made him many enemies, all of whom would benefit from his death.

DCI Jack Carston is frustrated as hospital staff insist that the two ‘errors’ which killed him couldn’t have happened. As his investigations continue, two other stories unfold, both centred on Sandra Scott, a student in Hayne’s department. She’s being targeted by a stalker and sexually harassed by a member of the departmental staff.

Carston eventually unravels the mystery but even he is surprised by the story’s final twist.

A warts and all look inside academia and the world of medical maneuvering.