JR Terrier and the Puppy sitter

Middle Grade, Children's Books

By Princessa Clendinen

Publisher : Just Believe Publishing

ABOUT Princessa Clendinen

Princessa Clendinen
JR Terrier and Friends are embarking on a wild ride of adventure and excitement. Catch this lovable Jack Russell Terrier as he saves the day, helps his friends, catches bad guys and solves unsolvable international mysteries! FREE color changing pencil to the first 200 sales for every new  More...



Terry is leaving town for a day and JR Terrier gets his first puppy-sitter!  Will she be nice like Terry or boss JR around? JR doesn't wait to find out! Watch JR as he pulls neat tricks on the new puppy-sitter who may never want to come back again!


JR Terrier and Friends book series was donated by my daughter, Tabitha Baskin, to help raise funds to build schools and clinics in different 3rd world countries. It is also for establishing a leadership development program using technology in the USA by providing laptops and education to deserving students.

The J.R. Terrier Series has a message for children of all age, size, race, sex and socio-economic status.
Tabitha Z. Baskin used J. R. Terrier the protagonist of her book Series to inculcate in the mind of her youthful audience that they too can be part of the solution to challenges encountered at home, at school, and in the community, at large. I highly recommend the Series to the young at heart. 
Dolores Todmann, Retired Special Educator, St. Thomas/St. John School District