Blood Red Square

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Pat Mullan

Publisher : ATHRY HOUSE Books

ABOUT Pat Mullan

Pat Mullan
Pat Mullan is Ireland Chair of International Thriller Writers and he is a member of Mystery Writers of America. His thriller novels, poetry, and short stories are widely published in the US, Ireland, and the UK.  Recent work has appeared in the anthology, DUBLIN NOIR, published in the USA More...


This is the story of the creation and redemption of a terrorist. It is also a story of revenge. Only one man can stop the terror. Follow him as he moves with equal ease in the halls of power or the dark killing fields of international intrigue.

In BLOOD RED SQUARE, Mullan weaves a masterful tale around a real event-the accidental death of Dag Hammarskjold, the secretary general of the United Nations in 1961. Or was it an accident? That's the question MacDara has to answer, some thirty years later, as he zips to and from London, Moscow, Washington and points in between. Success of his mission would preserve the friendly relations between Russia and the United States established after the overthrow of the communist regime. The story, with its many twists and turns, is well researched, and as all of Pat Mullen's novels, superbly written. I highly recommend this exciting and fast paced novel, which once begun, is difficult to put down... John Cavi, author of The President's Ultimatum

"Pat Mullan shocks us into paying attention from word one, page one and does not let us go until he decides to release us!  That is how compelling BLOOD RED SQUARE reads! - Robert W. Walker, The Instinct and Edge Series

"The quality of the writing raises the terrific story to new heights.  Here is the future of the thriller and it's  called PAT MULLAN.   Glory be indeed!"  
--Ken Bruen, SHAMUS and MACAVITY winner 

"Pat Mullan is a natural born storyteller with a gripping, engaging style.  He may just be the next big thing in Irish crime fiction."    
--Jason Starr, author of LIGHTS OUT.

"Mullan is Ireland's answer to John Grisham, with a smattering of Ross MacDonald thrown in.  Read LAST DAYS OF THE TIGER" 
--JA Konrath, author of RUSTY NAIL.

"Pat Mullan writes suspense with an edge reminiscent of Bob Ludlum.  An author to watch!"    --Cerri Ellis, Mostly Mystery Reviews.