Private Lives

General Fiction

By Simon Marshland

Publisher : Pneuma Springs Publishing

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Simon Marshland
Rolling stone with most of my life spent on the move, living and working in places diverse as East Africa to South America. More recent activities have been based around the Mediterranean ranging from yacht chartering in Greece to fish farming in France. Currently living in the West Countr More...


From an ordinary childhood Charlie Parker rises to become chairman of one of the worlds biggest banking conglomerates, though he achieves it largely by accident. Private Lives tells Charlie’s extraordinary story along with flashbacks to the two previous lives he refuses to acknowledge, dismissing them as mental aberrations. But try as he might to ignore them he finds himself living more and more in the past as a rifleman fighting Napoleon’s armies in Spain, then later as a young 1939 Oxford undergraduate forced to leave his studies to become a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain. This is a story of love and laughter, heartache and sorrow that transcends centuries to a joining of the many threads in final understanding. 




Have we lived before, do we all have other life experiences we no longer remember. It is certainly a compelling possibility and one that I have chosen as the theme in my new book Private Lives. The concept of reincarnation, that of an individual dying and then being reborn into another body, has existed in various religions for at least 3,000 years. It has now spread to the point that there are probably more people alive who believe in reincarnation than do not. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism are all believers, as was Christianity until Emperor Constantine converted to that religion with far reaching results culminating in 2nd Council of Constantinople of 553 A. D. The council declared reincarnation a heresy and the doctrine of reincarnation was officially banished by the Christian Church. But despite their heavenly aspirations religions are apt to restrict themselves to dogma and an earthly view, while the real enigma confronting us has to be the mysteries of the Cosmos and the prospect of possible universes beyond. Mankind as an early specie has been around for a maximum of five million years, less than a second in universal terms. But then does time even exist. It is said we can’t see time only experience it. We can’t measure time only define it. According to Einstein if an object travelling at the speed of light leaves and returns to Earth five years later, fifteen thousand years would have passed in the interim period. Similarly though we live in a three dimensional world why should that preclude the possibility of four, ten or a hundred further dimensions, all existing in the same space but vibrating at different speeds and levels to be invisible to one another. When confronted by such tantalizing possibilities together with an ocean of the unknown stretching to an horizon too distant to be seen is the prospect of previous lives so hard to accept. Caesar, Napoleon and General Patton believed in reincarnation. As did Goethe, Mark Twain, Wordsworth and Tolstoy. Not forgetting Benjamin Franklin, Albert Schweitzer, Carl Jung, Voltaire, Henry Ford, Gandhi and many more. I am certainly tempted in that direction hence the book. I hope you enjoy it.



Title: Private Lives

Author: Simon Marshland

ISBN: 978-1-905809-52-3

Genre: Literary Fiction

Pages: 254

Reviewed By: Brian Knight

Official Premium Promotional Services Rating:*****                 


Charlie Parker, Billy Kite and James Pewsey share more then a secret - they share the same fate.


Full of turmoil and massive confusion, Charlie attempts to deal with the death of the woman he adored and missing child. In a state of grief, he battles with his emotions while the FBI search endlessly for his kidnapped daughter. Reality mixes with improbabilities, and yet it is imperative for him to decipher right from wrong, especially when Billy Kite and James Pewsey come calling. Now it seems the truth is blurred with imagination, but he knows that neither truth nor honesty will save his child. An obsessive reality his daughter must be found is the only thing that matters.


Charlie comes from a humble middle class family. His mentor and friend while growing up is his grandpa, whom shares a lifetime of wisdom—engraved knowledge that Charlie later in life, puts into practice.


Charlie has an adventurous journey as a bachelor. He loves his single lifestyle, until one day, with just one look, his life changes forever—he falls madly in love with a beautiful young woman who shortly after becomes his wife. The tailspin affect she has on him doesn’t stop with just adoring love but through her family name changes his career and financial state forever as he soon discovers she is both gorgeous and extremely wealthy.


Together, they journey through life, but not without the unexpected times that his two friends try to take over.


“Private Lives” delivers the full range of emotions. The reader will find themselves laughing one minute and crying the next—and be ready to fight soon after. The author, Simon Marshland displays a great command of pace and character development throughout the story.Marshland entwines the multiple characters

with fascinating plots and detailed settings into a symphony that the reader will cherish. The British twist on word usage only adds to the flavor of this riveting story.


I highly recommend this intriguing tale of Charlie Parker for those who enjoy a roller coaster ride of emotions on every page. “Private Lives” is a book to keep on your shelf, as you will want to read it over and over again. “Pirate Lives” is one of those novels that will surely show you something new each time you read it...and you will want to read it more then once.


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