Women Warriors: Stories From The Thin Blue Line

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By John M. Wills

Publisher : TotalRecall Publications, Inc.

ABOUT John M. Wills

John M. Wills
Award-winning author and free lance writer/speaker/instructor.  Former Chicago police officer and retired FBI agent. John has published more than 125 articles relating to police training and officer survival.He writes a monthly column on Officer.com, and is the creator of the Chicago Wa More...


Women Warriors features a compelling collection of stories about women in LE. From a dispatcher on the radio trying to remain calm and do her job while her husband is involved in a gun battle, to a desperate search for a missing child during a frightening storm, to a courageous lone officer staring down the barrel of a gun inside a crowded department store, the tales in this book will have your pulse racing.

Police officers, federal agents, chaplains, corrections officers and dispatchers, all share their stories, each one written in their own hand. The diverse tales with make you laugh, cry and cheer as these Women Warriors face unknown danger during their shifts.

From the red-hot streets of Texas, to the frozen Alaska tundra, these true stories will capture your imagination and give you a true sense of what today’s women encounter as part of the Thin Blue Line.

Set for release on September 11, 2012, Women Warriors: Stories from the Thin Blue Line is sure to capture your imagination and heart, as the women share their stories and emotions.

True stories about women in law enforcement, written by the women who lived them!

. . .makes Women Warriors a special read, unlike most other books you will read this year. Women Warriors should be on your Nook, Kindle, or iPad—or on your night table—to be read, shared with your friends on Facebook, and Tweeted about.

New York Journal of Books

After reading Women Warriors, Frank Borelli, Editor, Officer.com said, "Often dismissed is the true warrior role so many women play in law enforcement. Wills brings that role into sharp focus."

Women Warriors provides a window into the challenges of day-to-day policing—told from a woman’s perspective . . . an intriguing and worthwhile read. (Alan Jacobson, National Bestselling Author of Inmate 1577)