Daisy Darling Meets A Man

General Fiction, Humor, Romance

By L.A. Dale

Publisher : Secret Creek Press


L.A. Dale
I live in Western Australia. I write Chick Lit and Women's Fiction stories centred around love.Love the stories of Marian Keyes? Sophie Kinsella? Fiona Walker? Jill Mansell? Then you've come to the right place.



What would you do if you opened your door in the dead of night to find a handsome man on the other side? Holding an orphaned lamb. 

After being dumped by her husband, Daisy wants nothing more than to curl up in her pyjamas every night and drink herself into sleep. She doesn't want to face her life. Then, one night, a storm brings a stranger to her door. A stranger who turns out to be the most famous rock star on the planet, Hawk Moon.
Hawk is nothing like Daisy imagined a rock star would be. He's honest and down to Earth and in the short time he's in her life, Daisy finds herself feeling emotions she hasn't experienced in a very long time. There's something about Hawk that makes her want to start her life over.

But Hawk and Daisy will never be an item. Hawk is on tour. Daisy lives in the country. She's small town and he's the universe. Their worlds can never collide. Or can they?

We have some newborn lambs on our property at the moment. The other night I had a dream about a rock star wearing a baseball cap coming to visit and it happened from there

Format:Kindle Edition
Such a sweet novella you will devour! Daisy Darling is not to thrilled with the cards her life has dealt her lately. Yet that all changes on a stormy night in the countryside when a stranger knocks on her door. L.A. Dale knows how to craft chick lit tales that keep you glued to the pages. This is one of my favorite short stories of 2012!
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I've read all of L.A. Dale's books.
This one is fun, perfect for a holiday or lazy Sunday in bed as you can read it in one sitting. Daisy is a very insecure character who has had all the confidence knocked out of her by her loser husband. She doesn't see that she's pretty until other people point it out.
All in all, nicely written and very easy to read.